Europe 2018 – Part 6 – Brugge

Monday 17 September

Today we travelled from Paris to Brugge via Brussels. Brugge had been recommended to us by a few people for its quaint buildings and canals.  It is picture perfect.

Tuesday 18 September

Belgium is known for its chocolate, lace making, and french fries.  So today we explored them all.  We went to Kantcentrum which is a museum of lace and each afternoon you can watch people using bobbins and pins to create intricate lace patterns. The people doing it have varying levels of experience and there is a teacher available to assist them.  Keeping old methods alive.

The Belgiums maintain that they are the inventors of French fries and are so proud of it that they have a Frietmuseum – French Fries Museum!  It traces the discovery of the potato in South America as an edible vegetable, the varieties of potato (more than you think), methods of peeling and cutting them and the development of the French Fry.

Rod climbed the 366 stairs to the top of the Belfry and was rewarded with great views of the Market Square and the bells.

We were privileged to attend a harp concert by Luc Vanlaere.  He has so many varieties of harp, some of which he has made himself including a replica of the 5000 year old Lyre of Ur.  The concerts at at 3pm 5pm and 6.30pm Tuesday to Saturday, entrance is free but a donation at the end is encouraged.

Brugge has many beautiful buildings and canals as we discovered as we wandered today. And we saw a lady making lace in the sunshine at the front door of her home.

Wednesday 19 September

This morning’s reflections …

Woke up to an actual market in the Market Square!  Flowers, bulbs, fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat, coffee, pastries and breads.

Then it was a canal boat ride.

And more exploring, with lots of chocolate viewing.

And we finished our time in Brugge with a romantic horse carriage ride.



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