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Broken Hill

We visited Broken Hill, the iconic mining city, after staying in Adelaide and visiting Burra.  Silver, lead and zinc have been mined here for over 125 years.  Travel in any direction and it won’t take you long to be in the desert with red soil and pale scrub as far as the eye can see.

About an hour before sunset we headed out to the Living Desert and Sculptures.  The 12 sculptures were created by a selection of artists from around the world in 1993.  Each has a story to tell.  The light is amazing!  And the sunset is spectacular. One of the statues is called the jaguar.  This statue has a circle ‘mouth’ that captures the sunlight at sunset and keeps it safe until morning.  Quite a site.



The town itself is interesting with its old pubs and shops, ornate buildings like the Trades Hall, Court Hose, Town Hall and Technical College, museums, art galleries and monuments to days gone by.  Movies like Mad Max, Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Wake in Fright were filmed around Broken Hill.  Pro Hart is one of the town’s famous artists.

A nod to Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Bells Milk Bar is a perfect throwback to the 1950s – the decor, menu, flavours, music.

We visited the Royal Flying Doctor Service – now here is a fabulous organisation!  The service was started in 1928.   Their mission is to provide medical emergency and primary health care services to Australia’s remote and very remote areas.

They provide 24 hour emergency retrievals and operate a network of health clinics providing dentistry, community nurses and mental health professionals. They have 24 bases and 69 planes.  In 2017 the aircraft flew 26,412,555 kilometers (equivalent to 34 trips to the moon and back!).

Towering above the city sits the Line of Lode Miners Memorial.  It commemorates over 800 miners who have lost their lives on the job in Broken Hill.  Besides the memorial, there is a restaurant and many pieces of discarded mining equipment as well as the giant bench.


We also visited Silverton, about 25k from Broken Hill but I will cover that in a separate post.

Just look at the sunrise and cloud formations as we travelled.

Oh and did I mention the red-soil desert?




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