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Vietnam on our Princess Cruise

As part of our Princess Cruise of Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam we stopped at two destinations in Vietnam, Nha Trang and Phu My (gateway to Ho Chi Minh City).

Nha Trang

On arrival we saw the 3km cable car from Nha Trang to the Vinpearl Amusement Park. Longest over-water cable car in the world.  We also saw lots of fishing boats. Interesting port.

We had the best day of the cruise in Nha Trang!  We booked the Pedicab shore excursion organised by Princess and it surpassed our expectations. What fun!  Departing from Front Beach we were taken through the bustling streets seeing shops, the fishing village of Xom Bang, past the King Cathedral and absorbing life in this city.

After the pedicab ride we were taken to the Cho Dam Market for some retail therapy.

Vung Tau

The port for Ho Ch Minh city is Phu My.  There were shore excursions that took you into Ho Chi Minh but we chose the excursion to Vung Tau countryside which included some home visits.  We thoroughly enjoyed the day!

We visited a family making rice whiskey.  Nothing is wasted – the rice is grown over the road, the whiskey is distilled for the family and parties and the waste product is fed to the pigs.  The pigs are then sold and this sustains the family.  Loved the grandmother!

We visited a lady who has been make rice paper all her life.  Will think of her every time we have a rice paper roll.

The people at the little orchard were beautiful and hospitable and we enjoyed morning tea there.  They grow cashews, peppercorns, starfruit, bananas and coconuts.

The Whale Temple was erected in honour of whales which, according to legend, protect the fishermen.  When a whale dies it is bought to the temple and a festival is held.

Our lunch was at the Bihn An Resort.  So beautiful there, cool, sea views, gorgeous gardens and the food was plentiful and delicious.

On our way back to the ship we stopped to see the fishing boats and then went on to see the statue Christ the King.  We didn’t climb the 3000 steps to see it fully but viewed it from the road below.  It is 32m tall and on a 13m base and it has an arm-span of 18.3m. From that road stop we also viewed Hon Ba Island that has a temple dedicated to the patron goddess of sailors and fishermen.

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